Rental period and fee

  • The minimum rental period is 1 day (24h). 
  • Rental days are counted as 24-hour periods (excluding public holidays). 
  • The calculated rental period starts from the date of issue of the rented stand, regardless of the time. 
  • Sundays and public holidays are not included in the rental period. 
  • The stand must be returned by the deadline indicated in the rental agreement. 
  • The rental fee is based on the agreed price, which is fixed in the rental agreement. 
  • The rental fee is supplemented by a deposit, which is paid to the Lessor in cash and returned to the Lessee after the return of the rented property. 
  • The rental fee and deposit will be paid for the entire period before the start of the rental period. 
  • If the Lessee extends the rental period without the consent of the Lessor, 5% of the rental fee will be added for each day past due.

Rights and obligations

  • The rented stand is the property of OÜ Meediagrupi, the unauthorized subletting, sale and any expropriation of which is prohibited.
  • The Lessee has the right to use the stand for its intended purpose. 
  • The Lessee is obligated to use the stand prudently. 
  • The Lessee is obligated to inspect the stand and make sure it is appropriate. 
  • The Lessee is obligated to notify the Lessor of any damage or breakage of the rented stand as soon as possible. 
  • In the event of a damaged or broken stand, the Lessee shall be liable, depending on the extent of the damage, for partial or full reimbursement of the cost of the stand. 
  • The Lessor shall not be liable for any damages caused by the Lessee or third parties. All risks associated with the use of the stand are the responsibility of the Lessee and he/she is obligated to compensate the Lessor and third parties for any damages caused. 
  • All disputes arising from the rental agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.